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Wet Risers & Dry Risers

For taller buildings, wet risers and dry risers are required to help transport water around the building, this can then be connected to when required by emergency services.

At TVF (UK) Limited, we offer repairs, maintenance and testing for wet and dry riser systems to ensure they’re always ready when you need them.

If you require a wet risers or dry risers, give us a call on 0175 3907 640.

Wet Risers Installation

For buildings which reach a height of 50m+, a wet riser is known as such because it always contains water. This means the highest levels of a building have access to a riser in an emergency, as opposed to waiting for it to be pumped up to the upper floors.

Dry Risers Installation

Where a building stands over 18m, a dry riser is the most suitable way of giving emergency access to water in the event of a fire. This consists of a dry pipe network which can then be connected to by the fire brigade to charge with water.

Our expert team have the experience required to help you maintain your riser system – whichever type you have in your building and wherever you are in High Wycombe, Watford, Slough or the surrounding areas.

Whether you have a wet riser hydrant in need of repair or would like your dry riser system testing, contact us today.

Our team are happy to discuss your needs over the phone or you can fill in a quick quote form with your enquiry details.

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