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Water Fire Extinguishers

If you require water fire extinguishers as part of your fire safety equipment in High Wycombe, Watford or Slough, look no further than TVF (UK) Limited. We provide fire extinguisher installation and maintenance in line with BS 5306-3 and site units in accordance with BS 5306-8.

What is a Water Fire Extinguisher used for?

Water fire extinguishers can be used solely for class A fires where solid organic materials are fuelling the fire – such as wood, coal, paper or textiles. A jet, spray or mist is used to suppress the fire rapidly and soak materials, thereby cooling them and avoiding the fire reigniting. This extinguisher type is denoted with a red label.

We supply both types of water fire extinguishers, both the general water fire extinguishers and the water + additive fire extinguishers.

We can supply and fit all types of extinguishers for your business. Plus, we can provide maintenance to ensure they are up to regulatory standards.

Give us a call on 0175 3907 640 for a quote on our water fire extinguishers.

See our guide for the different types of fire extinguishers, including colours and uses.

Water Fire Extinguisher Suppliers

With years of experience, we’re SP-101 certified water extinguisher suppliers for the region, providing you with the tools to save lives and limit damage. All our extinguishers:

  • are EN3-7 compliant
  • are BSI Kitemarked with our unique KM number
  • use high-quality additives and foams for better fire ratings
  • are recycled where possible at the end of their lifespan

We’ll advise you on how many units you need, where they should be positioned and which type and size are most suited to your requirements if you’re unsure. We even offer training for your staff to help them understand how to use extinguishers in an emergency.

For more class A fire extinguisher details, or to arrange for fire extinguisher maintenance in your premises, contact us today – or use our handy quick quote form.

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