Warranty Period

Warranty Period

"For our fire extinguishers, the five warranty period commences on the date of installation, as clearly marked upon the service label.

The warranty period will run for a total of five service years, the commissioning of the fire extinguisher being the start of service year one. The warranty of the fire extinguisher will cease upon the day prior to the sixth service year.

For those fire extinguishers which are serviced at a greater frequency than 12 monthly, the warranty period may be extended to cover more service visits, however, the principal with regard to the service year, as defined above, will still apply.

The warranty on all our fire extinguishers only applies where the fire extinguisher is covered by a maintenance agreement and serviced no less than 12 monthly by ourselves for the entirety of the warranty period."

Install / Service Year Finish Warranty
Install 1st Year Year 1
1st Service 2nd Year Year 2
2nd Service 3rd Year Year 3
3rd Service 4th Year Year 4
4th Service 5th Year Year 5



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